Future Founders:
VR Fellowship

Guiding Careers

Developed as an approach to learn more about new approaches to adaptive talent development for the future of work, this paid fellowship aims to increase the participation of marginalized populations in the innovation economy while providing increased wages and employable skills.

Target Participants 

  • City of Seattle resident
  • 18-24 years old
  • HS Graduate or GED equivalent
  • From historically underrepresented community
  • Demonstrated interest in technology careers
  • Ability to work full-time for 6 months
Umoja Fest 2017 Photo by Immersive Square (immersivesquare.com)
Umoja Fest 2017 Photo by Immersive Square (immersivesquare.com)
David Sauvion - RBAC
David Sauvion – RBAC

David Sauvion

Food Innovation District Strategist at Rainier Beach Action Coalition

David is an architect and urban designer whose work in the private sector provided clear insight of the social disparities across the City. He has since transitioned to the non-profit world and acts as the Food Innovation District Strategist for the Rainier Beach Action Coalition, a neighborhood-based organization, which he co-founded in 2012. David has lived in London and Paris and holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from La Villette School of Architecture in Paris. He is a Steering Committee member of South Communities Organizing Regional/Racial Equity (S-CORE), Communities of Opportunity, and the Regional Equity Network.


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David Harris 

Startup Advocate City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development

Since 2015, he has worked with the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development as their Startup Advocate. In 2016, his participation in Harvard Business School’s Young American Leaders Program, as well as the White House Summit on Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow, inspired his participation in other projects on cross-sector collaboration and the future of work.

In 2018, David and thirty others served as mentors for the German Marshall Fund’s Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative, and also graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Science in Human Centered Design and Engineering. His current interest include circular economy product and service design, shared mobility through decentralized technology, and platform cooperativism. 

David recently graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Science in Human Centered Design and Engineering in 2018. His current interest include circular economy product and service design, as well as shared mobility through decentralized technology. 

His recent awards include

Crosscut Courage Award – Technology (2017)
National Urban League Young Professionals: “Heroes in the Movement” Award (2016)
University of Michigan Black Alumni Award: “Making a Difference – Technology” (2015)
The Seattle Weekly Best Tech Idea (2015)
Geekwire Awards: “Geek of the Year” Finalist (2015)
Seattle Magazine: 51 Most Influential in Seattle (2014) 

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David Harris - OED Headshots (Credit - Nate Gowdy)
David Harris – OED Headshots (Credit – Nate Gowdy)


Kevin Kaymak
Kevin Kaymak

Kevin Kaymak

Future Founders – VR Fellowship: Help Desk

Kevin Kaymak born in ’94 and is working together with several gaming companies all around the globe. He is working in different programming languages such as visual basic and c#. He has developed several games over the years such as 2D/3D MMORPG’s and several Simulation Games. He is currently teaching network development on his youtube channel.

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Unity3D Multi-client Networking

These are the topics for Unity3D multi-client networking, which covers details in development overall.

Basic Programming Training: Data Types Classes Structures Variables Strings Arrays Switches Loops Working with Arrays Working with Loops Working with Switches Enums Constants Building Functions Overloads Singletons Static Catching Errors Stream I/O Writing Data to File (.txt/.xml/Binary) Loading Data from File (.txt/.xml/Binary) Method Parameters Working with Nullable Types Thinking like a programmer Develop a Console Application Software

Network Training: Understand Networking (TCP/UDP IP-Protocols) Sockets TCPListener TCPClient NetworkStream ByteBuffer Client Class Connection Between Server/Client Multiple Client Connection Accept Multiple Clients Multi-Threading Receive Network Information Send Network Information Handle Data Network Packets Send Data Receive Data MySQL Chat Software

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